A murder occurred in the Hollywood Plaza at Diamond Head, and the two injured died after being taken to hospital. The Secretary for Home Affairs and Youth Affairs, Ms Mak Mei-kuen, said that a brutal homicide occurred this evening. The CCTV footage of the case is extremely bloody and disturbing. We urge everyone to stop retweeting and prevent children from seeing the relevant clips. If members of the public feel uneasy after seeing the clip, please confide in your family or friends and seek professional assistance if necessary. May the dead rest in peace.

SWD also said that it had noticed that a video of the murder in Diamond Hill this afternoon had been widely circulated online, and urged emotionally distressed members of the public to seek professional assistance as soon as possible and stop redistributing the video. SWD has a 24-hour telephone hotline at 2343 2255 to provide immediate telephone counselling, support and referral services. Members of the public in need can call for help at any time. Members of the public may also call the hotline set up by the Hong Kong Red Cross at 5164 5040 for assistance.

The clinical psychologist of the Hong Kong Red Cross Psychological Support Service also advises the public to avoid watching or retweeting the incident clips repeatedly on TV or social media to avoid causing emotional upset. Members of the public in need can make an appointment for the Association's psychological support services by SMS or telephone.

The Hong Kong Red Cross Society (HKRCC) posted on its social media platform that the public may be shocked to learn of the unfortunate accident in the Kowloon shopping mall from the news, saying that it is a normal reaction to feel uneasy, and the clinical psychologist of the association's psychological support service reminds the public that even if they want to obtain as much information about the incident as possible, the public should still try to avoid watching or retweeting clips of the accident on TV or social media to avoid causing emotional upset.

In addition, if you feel uneasy after watching the accident clip or do not understand why it happened, whether it is an adult or a child, if you have obvious emotional distress, you can seek professional help. The Council also mentioned that some people may recall similar experiences in the past as a result of this incident, and if members of the public notice that they are suffering from severe emotional distress, they should seek professional assistance.

The Hong Kong Red Cross Psychological Support Service has been informed with the shopping mall about the needs of merchants and nearby residents, and will actively provide appropriate psychological support services and information according to the situation.

Hong Kong Red Cross Shall We Talk Psychological Support Service
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