In the murder at Hollywood Plaza in Diamond Head this evening (June 6), two women were stabbed to death by a man with a fish knife, which shocked the mall passers-by. At that time, in addition to many people assisting the woman who was stabbed in first aid, some people also tried to subdue the suspected murderer. One man said in an interview with the media: "(Suspected murderer) seems to be stupid, a man makes a noise, the woman with him shouts for help, at the beginning they all shout for help, and after being stabbed a few times, they first call for help!" He added that the suspected murderer then beat and pointed a knife at the woman, and other enthusiastic people tried to subdue her, "When someone took a stool and patted you on the head, they stopped and froze."

According to the film circulating on the Internet, after the crime, the suspected murderer stood by the fence of the mall, staring at the police officer with an indifferent face, and the police officer held a shield to order him to lower his knife, and then suspected of subduing him to the ground with a pepper water cannon. At that time, a man left with two round stools to avoid hindering the arriving police officers from handling the incident.



Murder in Hollywood Plaza Diamond Head, the identities and injuries of the two women?

The two female subjects, aged 22 and 26, were stabbed in the chest and neck respectively, and were taken by ambulance to the United Hospital and confirmed to be dead.

What is the murder weapon involved? Where is it obtained?

Preliminary information indicates that the murder weapon is suspected to be a 12-inch long fish knife. As seen at the scene, a knife was left at the scene, the tip of the knife was stained with blood, and the blade body was deformed and bent. CCTV footage shows that the suspected murderer entered a daily necessities store and suspected of buying the knife involved in the case.

Hollywood Square murder|Dozens of crazy insertions of two dead people Blood-stained murder knife bent and deformed remains at the scene of Hollywood Square murder|Witnesses: The deceased reacted at the beginning Suspected murderer "into a dumb and violent shock" Hollywood Plaza murder|The bald man entered the store 10 minutes before the suspected murder to buy a knife Then go up to the 3rd floor to hurt people Diamond Hill Hollywood Plaza murder|2 The blood and first aid process of the deceased was exposed Witnesses: Good shock, Diamond Hill Hollywood Plaza murder | Suspected murderer indifferent staring at the crime scene Police bright pepper water gun uniform Hollywood Plaza murder. There is a film|Short-haired woman was furiously stabbed at least 34 times and her girlfriend stopped the murder in Hollywood Plaza Diamond Mountain, Diamond Hill. Live broadcast │Two women were stabbed in the chest and neck both died in the murder of Hollywood Plaza on Diamond Hill|2 women were frantically inserted by fish raw knives and sent to the hospital to be treated The suspect was subdued