A murder occurred in Hollywood Plaza at Diamond Head, and two women were brutally killed by bald men with knives. It is understood that the murder weapon was a fish knife about 12 inches long, and the reporter of "Hong Kong 01" found that the store was half-closed in a daily necessities store on the 2nd floor of Hollywood Plaza, and a number of plainclothes agents and uniformed police officers entered the store to investigate, and asked the clerk, it is unknown whether the suspected murderer purchased the murder knife at the above address. The shop is located on the 2nd floor, go up one floor via the escalator, turn a corner and walk a short distance to the murder scene on the 3rd floor, which is about 200 meters away. CCTV video exposed, it can be seen that at 5:04 p.m., the bald man entered the store for tens of seconds, picked the suspected murder knife on a shelf, and went to the counter to pay, suspected and then went to the 3rd floor to commit the murder. Subsequently, at 5:14 p.m., the Police received a number of police reports from members of the public alleging a knife wound.


▼CCTV directly hits the murder case▼


The male suspect was subdued on the spot.


Murder in Hollywood Plaza Diamond Head, the identities and injuries of the two women?

The two female subjects, aged 22 and 26, were stabbed in the chest and neck respectively, and were taken by ambulance to the United Hospital and confirmed to be dead.

What is the murder weapon involved? Where is it obtained?

Preliminary information indicates that the murder weapon is suspected to be a 12-inch long fish knife. As seen at the scene, a knife was left at the scene, the tip of the knife was stained with blood, and the blade body was deformed and bent. CCTV footage shows that the suspected murderer entered a daily necessities store and suspected of buying the knife involved in the case.

Diamond Hill Hollywood Plaza murder|2 women were frantically inserted by fish and knives and sent to the hospital to die, suspect was subdued Diamond Hill Hollywood Plaza murder|2 The deceased's bloody first aid process was exposed Witnesses: So shocked Diamond Hill Hollywood Plaza murder|Suspected indifferent staring crime scene Police bright pepper water gun uniform Hollywood Plaza murder. There is a film|Short-haired woman was furiously stabbed at least 34 times and her girlfriend stopped the murder in Hollywood Plaza Diamond Mountain, Diamond Hill. Live broadcast│The two women were stabbed in the chest and neck and both died