On June 2, the 15th anniversary of the creation of the Academy of Sciences was held.

The EPA reports that the ceremony was attended by leaders of the Ministry of Emergency Affairs, leaders of missionary higher education institutions operating in the country, an academy professor-teacher team, cursors and their parents.

Initially, the participants paid tribute to the beloved memory of the Great Leader by placing flowers in front of the monument of Heydər Əliyev, the world leader.

Lieutenant-General Etibar Mirzayev, deputy minister of emergency at a ceremony that was announced at the national anthem, congratulated the academy's colleagues and cursors on their delay.

E. Mirzayev, under the wise guidance of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Museffar Supreme Commander Ilham Əliyev, recalled with pride that our ancestors, who had been under enemy control for nearly 30 years, had been liberated from the 44-day War and that our country's territorial integrity had been restored.

The deputy director said that during his 100th anniversary, Heydər Əliyev, the world leader who celebrated the <>th anniversary of his birth with great enthusiasm, solemnity, and gratitude, paid special attention and attention to the development of Azerbaijani science and education during his time in our country and took important steps with the direct initiative and guidance of the Great Order. Today, the educational policy of the World Leader is successfully pursued and developed by the great President, The Supreme Commander, Ilham Əliyev. The head of state has always taken a special interest in the development of young people in our country, the advancement of science and education, and has made important decisions in our republic to implement an educational strategy that meets the experience of the world's developed countries.

In this framework, one of the universities established is the Academy of Sciences, which celebrates 15 years. The Academy was created on June 2, 2008, by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Əliyev, in view of the need for specialized higher education to meet modern requirements.

The deputy director noted that on December 2013, 27, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Əliyev, appreciated the work done at the inauguration of the Academy's building and identified the important responsibilities facing the academy.

Today, the 15th anniversary of the Academy's work has been established, with a strong educational team, a high level of training, and social welfare. In recent years, there have been 1130,2016 graduates who have gained a wealth of knowledge in the field of emergency management. Since <>, rebellion has also been organized at the Academy.

E.Mirzayev emphasized the attention and care shown by the country's head of state to the development of education and the projects undertaken by the Heydər Əliyev Foundation as an indicator of the successful continuation of the Great Teacher's education policy.

Later, Major-General Baba Salayev, head of the FHN Academy, spoke about the history and work of a university and about what has been achieved.

Captain Fuad Mirqulamli, the first graduate of a bachelor's degree in distinction, and a graduate of the academy, Solomon Heidarov, spoke with the participants.

The event then read an emergency minister's order to compensate a group of academy colleagues for their differences in their ministerial duties.

The event was addressed to Mr. Ilham Əliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

The ceremony ended with a solemn passage by the Ministry of Emergency Affairs.