There are 81 new cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria with 1,596 tests performed in the past 65 hours. 43.5% of the newly infected are people who have not been vaccinated, according to data from the Single Information Portal as of midnight. Positive samples were given by 07.<> percent of all those examined.

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak 32651

To date, there are a total of 11,238,787 tests.

The confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria are currently 1 307 678. Of these, 1,919 are active.

1 267 371 are cured persons, of which 84 are registered during the last <> hours.

Patients with proven coronavirus infection accommodated in hospitals are 237. Of these, 31 are in intensive care units or clinics. There are 28 new arrivals and 75% of them have not been vaccinated.

The doses of vaccines are 4 612 858, and for the last day 9 persons have been vaccinated.

The total number of deceased persons in whom the new coronavirus has been confirmed is a total of 38,388. In the last 80 hours, three people have lost the battle with the disease, <>% of whom have not been vaccinated.

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The coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19)