The circumstances of our lives are constantly changing, sometimes raising us to the top of success, then lowering us to a bad mood and, as it seems to us, hopelessness. But is it worth despairing if we can become darlings of fate at any time! What zodiac sign is lucky today – June 2?

Today, excessive emotionality can lead to loss of control over one's words and – especially – actions. It is very important to communicate as little as possible with people around and watch your every word, otherwise you risk saying too much, which will lead to a serious conflict. Unexpected – even for the person himself – actions can lead to the fact that tomorrow he will regret them. You should not engage in external transformations either in the beauty salon, or even more so at home: this can adversely affect not only appearance, but also health and personal life.

Capricorn (22.12 – 20.01)

Capricorns, despite the approaching weekend, nothing will prevent them from indulging in their favorite thing – work. The secret of their success in this field today is perseverance and patience, which will require from the representatives of the sign to perform monotonous work. However, they usually easily perform such tasks, since they are distinguished from others by the ability to implement any projects, regardless of what is needed to work on them – activity or calmness, which smoothly turns into laziness and inaction.

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