Olga recently returned to Kyiv with two small children. At the beginning of the war, like most mothers, the actress left Kyiv and hesitated for a very long time when to return home, because protecting children from war is the most important task for every mother.

The terrible thing is that Olia's family is fleeing the war for the second time. For the first time the family moved to Kiev in 2014 from Donetsk and after 8 years they had to leave their home again.

But in addition to physical safety, there is also emotional security in the family.

Olga does not boast of her own example, she just wants to focus the attention of her parents that in difficult times you should not forget about emotional relationships in the family. Warmth and love are very necessary for children.

Very often, the war in the country is not as terrible for children as the war at home between parents.

The song "Peace in the Family" was written by Olya herself spontaneously. The singer says that the song has a lot of her own childhood experience.

Olga seemed to bare her own soul and would hardly have dared to appear in the media space with such a difficult topic earlier, if it were not for the war and a great desire to reach out to her parents.

Exactly a week before the Children's Day, the artist shot a touching video with talented children from the Ukrainian Film School in partnership with the National Hotline for Children and Youth, the work of which is provided by the NGO "La Strada - Ukraine".

The video was attended by talented small actors from the Ukrainian Film School (UFS).

The song "Peace in the Family" is a frank confession of the singer about childhood and how important it is to protect children.

"We all help as much as we can.

We help the military to defend our country from attack, we help victims of war, but at such moments, sometimes, we forget about the most important thing...

That peace begins with your family.

And, unfortunately, the problems of children and adolescents who are prone to suicide and depression associated with abuse in families do not disappear, but on the contrary, during the war, only intensify.

And I don't want to keep quiet about it, because I went through it myself as a child. There is nothing stronger than this childish pain.

The song is so personal that I was scared to show it publicly until the last moment," said Olya Rakitska about the new song and her creative period.