The International Day of Child Protection was held in Baku Zooloji Park on June 1, with the initiative of Leila Vice-President of the Heydər Əliyev Foundation, founder and head of the IDEA Society.

The EPA reports that a total of 300 children from the Children's Rural Organization (Save Our Ship) participated in the "Future Children" party, organized by Zooloji Park and the Baku Eternity Service.

The event, which is accompanied by musical soundtracks and runs throughout the day, has become one of its memorable days, creating a good mood for guests. Visitors have won gifts by participating in games and competitions in pavilions set up at various stations in Zooloji Park. At the same time, the children participated in the outdoor painting and foaming. The film's subjects included horse - drawn wagons and early - model automobiles. Visitors have chosen to choose according to their interests, including ceramics, the preparation of toys from natural parts, painting, decorating eco bags with zoomorphic ornaments, and preparing bird food. At the same time, to educate children, they have been shown cartoons and presentations on their biology that reflect the lifestyle of animals in the Zooloji Park lecture. Later, small visitors with extensive information about the external structures of animals outdoors have been given the chance to get in close contact with, care and care for animals, and a patronage corner has been organized by the IDEA Animal Care Center.

Not to be overlooked is the conflict that alcohol abuse can cause in the body. Seminars and trains at Zooloji Park, master classes educate children and young people by entertaining them, insomnia in nature, and ensuring that people are more aware of their role in the process.