The rains caused a number of disasters in Mogadishu.

The EPA's Shirvan Bureau reports that the storm ripped off the roofs of a residential building and several individual homes and an auxiliary building in the circuit center.

The trees have been overturned and the electrical wires have been broken.

There have been breaks in electricity transmission to the population in the region.

The flooding has made it difficult for vehicles and pedestrians to move to the central streets of Mogadishu.

Water has flooded the top and backyard area of several homes.

We recall that two people were injured by strong winds and one person changed his world from a heart attack in a car.


19:55 p.m.

Strong winds and hurricanes have caused death in Mogadishu.

The EPA's Shirvan Bureau reports that initial reports indicate that winds were injured in the villages of Myrtle and Gorakh in the region, and two people were killed in an accident. One person who lost his life was trapped under a house that collapsed while he was in the car.

Ilham Ahmadov