A new edition of the Institute of Geography, named after academic H.Aliyev of the Ministry of Science and Education, has been published.

According to the INSTITUTE, it was not yet published in 2005 by deceased authors, academic Budapest Budapest, azerbaijan's leading experts in toponymics, and Dr. Giyadh Geybullayev, a historian. As the book notes, "the list of publications left by G. Geybullayev in the process of writing is incompletes. Therefore, it took a long time and effort to complete the list of publications used in the work, and Zachir Eminov, c.E., took over the work.

The editor-in-chief of geography, Dr. Zachir Eminov, and the editor-in-chief of geography, Mahir Abbasova, are 2 pages. Part I, entitled "On the Ethnic and Political History of Upper Civil War," consists of Turkish tribes living in Upper Civil War before and after the Common Era, facts that indicate that Cambodia is an altar, Turkish-language words in ancient Armenian, and chapter 467 of the Armenian settlement in Upper Civil War, and Part II of the dictionary of an explanatory toponymic dictionary of Cambodia.

Monographs examine the historical and ethnic settlement and toponymics of Cambodia, an integral part of Azerbaijan's history and geography. The book sheds light on ethnic processes, settlements, and migration that took place in Cambodia during long historical periods.

The book is intended for toponymics, geography, demography, historical geography, students of universities (bachelor's and magistrates), and a wide range of readers.