"There has been an increase in aggressive cartoons. When children look at it, the negative effects are inevitable."

The EPA reports that aydan Cabbarova, a psychiatrist at the Health Ministry's Psychiatric Health Center, has reported this.

'They're just discovering the world and when they see that aggression in the cartoon they're watching, they think the world is the same. These children will always feel ready for war, war, and danger."

Aydan Cabbarova also commented on the awarding of children. He has said that the frequent rewarding of a child has nothing to do with the fact that it is a husband:

'It's better if a child knows why he's being rewarded if it's explained to him. '

As for the age at which children are more interested in going to school, the psychiatrist noted that the standard has been adopted as 6-7 years old, and choosing which depends on how ready the child is for school.