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The specialized rehabilitation hospital in Kotel will cease to work tomorrow, June 1. This is a message posted on the website of the hospital, and the explanation is that there are no staff.

In this regard, the Municipal Council in Kotel adopted a declaration against the closure of the hospital and asked the principal - the Ministry of Health - for the return of staff to it, BNR reported.

The Chairman of the Municipal Council, Hristina Cholakova, announced that the specialists had left because of unpaid salaries.

"We urge the Ministry of Health to find mechanisms, to find the legal formula by which to pay the salaries due to the employees of this medical institution," she said.

The appeal of the local parliament to the Ministry of Health is to return the medics to work, otherwise the hospital will not be able to function.

"That is why one of our appeals to the Ministry of Health is to contact the former workers so that they can be convinced or motivated sooner, to be returned to work," said Hristina Cholakova.

She also said that MPs from the region will be informed in order to raise the problem from the parliamentary rostrum.

Departments in the hospital in Momchilgrad are closed

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