The full benefactor planet in Sagittarius is Jupiter in Taurus. Use the energy of this full to pump the energy of money and increase prosperity!

The full moon on June 4 will give new strength and inspiration for work and life! It is in the coming days before and after that favorable circumstances are formed in order to make a breakthrough in finances and achieve their goal. However, it is important to remember that the energy of Sagittarius prevents you from focusing on the main thing and makes you act simultaneously in all directions. In order not to miss the favorable opportunities full in Sagittarius, try to prioritize in advance, plan the first half of June in accordance with the rhythms of the Universe, so as not to be torn into a million tasks, but to concentrate on the important.

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The sign of Sagittarius is associated with foreign countries, philosophy, higher education, religion. It is through these areas that new financial opportunities can open up. Learn foreign languages, cultures and traditions of other countries, expand your worldview – these are additional tools for attracting success into your life.

Full is a special time when our emotions literally guide us and control our actions. During this strong period, it is important to perform special energy practices that will help improve the condition and attract resources into your life. Full in Sagittarius carries positive energies, helps to adapt to new conditions, determine new horizons, goals and desires.

The connection full on June 4 with the sign of Taurus will help to saturate yourself with kindness, happiness and prosperity, because income and success in personal matters depend on our inner energy. An active social life opens up additional opportunities for prosperity in business. Communicating with other people, attending educational events, watching cognitive programs, helps to fill harmony and energy for half of the lunar month.

Full days are always full of events of a different nature. At this time, decisions are often made not by logic, but by heart, feelings. During such periods, it is better to direct your energy to study and plunge into this process with your head. The knowledge gained in the first decade of June will be well absorbed and will bear fruit in the future. By analogy, a flood is like a storm, followed by a lull. Avoid emotional decisions in the coming days, as most of them will be wrong.

After the full moon, the waning moon period begins, but it is still particularly strong for another 3 to 5 days. Therefore, it is not one day that the possibilities full in Sagittarius are limited when you can attract happiness to your life. These days it is easier to discover hidden sources of money that you may not have thought about, as well as understand what takes away resources and money. Conscious work on yourself on this full moon will help you pick up the key to a more abundant and fulfilling life.

Intuition is fully enhanced, talents wake up, which can help to be born and come out into life with various kinds of creations: poems, stories, ideas that amaze with their depth! Creativity will flourish in the coming days, mutual understanding can be achieved through metaphors and images. Also, the moon is a symbol of feminine energy, care, acceptance. The full period includes the energy of love, femininity and motherhood. This is a good time to talk about replenishing the family, conceiving and simply settling family problems.

If you have been thinking about moving to another country for a long time, want to find a partner abroad, attract success on a long journey – do it on June 3 – 5. These days, the greatest chances to get what you want are if you act in this direction. This time will surprise us with events and unexpected turns, but whatever happens, it is necessary to negotiate with your emotions. To calm the storm inside, it is good to do yoga, bodily practices, do rituals for cleansing. It is also favorable to dance and listen to calm music, engage in creativity.

At the highest level, the full moon in Sagittarius represents energy associated with shared values and light for the whole world. The energy of this sign is associated with enlightenment, teaching, international relations. The question of the purpose of their mission on this earth worries many people during the period of strength of the sign of Sagittarius.

The full moon on June 4 will take place in the 14th degree of Sagittarius, so people born in the first decade of December and in the first decade of June will feel the energies of this full moon most strongly. But the bright energies will be present in the lives of all Sagittarius (Fire) and Gemini (Air), which means that the most important and complex things can be planned for June 3-5. With a high degree of probability, they will be successfully resolved. These days it is favorable to arrange romantic meetings, set dates for solemn events, recognize your feelings and make proposals. It's a great time to learn and shop again: Take time for your education – in the future, this knowledge will play a key role in your development. Good days for those who want to experiment with their image, feel free to sign up for a master, you will be satisfied with the result.

Busy days for representatives of the signs Virgo and Pisces, especially those who were born in the second decade of the zodiac month. This is a time of intense events and various factors that sometimes deprive you of strength and energy. But, fortunately, the recovery is fast enough, so do not be upset, be patient and pass with dignity any tests that the full moon has prepared for you in Sagittarius. Virgos and Pisces may face aggression against them, especially on the full moon. All day you may feel irritation, anger and resentment – do not succumb to provocation, this is how the energy of the day affects you. At this time, it is better not to leave your comfort zone, not to make difficult decisions and not to schedule important meetings or negotiations.

The signs of the element of Fire – Aries and Leo, as well as the signs of the element of Air – Libra and Aquarius, will remember the full moon in Sagittarius mainly on the positive side. However, you have to work, as they say, "catch the Bird of Fortune by the tail." Nearby days will be full, so sitting idly by means missing out on lucky chances. If you want to gain popularity, use social media and go live, write articles and publish them without paying attention to criticism. Be prepared that you will have more envious people, but the first half of June - the time of change - is favorable for you. This is the time of activity of Fire and Air, to which the above signs belong.

Taurus, Cancers, Scorpios, Capricorns will cheer themselves up if they arrange romantic surprises – the full energy in Sagittarius enhances feelings in romantic unions. You will feel a surge of strength and energy on this day. The period from June 3 to June 5 is ideal for solving important tasks and serious conversations.

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