The second tranche of consumption vouchers will be distributed on 7 July, allowing members of the public to "transfer" to other platforms this time, and Octopus Cards Limited has prepared a series of offers and rewards to receive up to $16 welcome and transfer bonus to attract more people to transfer.

▼May 5 The government announced the second round of consumption voucher arrangements▼


New customers and customers who transfer to Octopus can earn $50 Octopus top-up if they successfully register for the second tranche of consumption vouchers on the Government Consumption Voucher Programme website for the first time during the Promotion Period and register the Octopus App for the Octopus App, or $100 if the customer registers with the Octopus on their mobile phone.

In addition, the Student Mobile Octopus service has also been launched, allowing eligible persons to use the registered Student Mobile Octopus to collect consumption vouchers from 6 June. Students who register for the first time to receive consumption vouchers can also earn an Octopus Plus Welcome and Transfer Bonus of $5 through the Octopus Mobile for Students.

▼April 4 Citizens take Octopus cards in the early morning to receive consumption coupons▼


Octopus has also partnered with local Reward merchants such as Family, OK Convenience Store, McDonald's, etc., to launch a series of pop-up cash rewards for four consecutive weeks during the coupon distribution period, giving away a total of 100 million cash coupons on a first-come, first-served basis through the Octopus App. There is no minimum spending requirement for cash coupons and can be used immediately.

At the same time, Octopus has partnered with shopping malls and large and small merchants such as Wannings and Fortress to launch a series of coupons for food and clothing, allowing customers to enjoy discounts and discounts for purchasing electrical and electronic products through the Octopus App and even shopping online, with a total value of over $1 million.


Kam Chi Shen, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Octopus, said that more than half of the people have used up the spending amount of $3,000 in the previous period, and those who have not used up the consumption can also receive the new consumption voucher immediately on July 6 as long as they meet the target by the end of June. As for the last tranche of $7,16 consumption vouchers, there is no expiry date, but members of the public are encouraged to use them as soon as possible to stimulate the economy.

As for the work begun last year to increase the ceiling on the value-added amount of government funds to more than 3,000 yuan, Kam said that it is nearing the end of the day and will be announced as soon as possible.

Yip Jinsheng, Director of Octopus Product Department, pointed out that the total value of the 100 million cash coupons this time exceeded 750.50 million yuan, and the cash coupons did not require any conditions for use, which was more direct, convenient and easy to use than before, hoping to be attractive. He also reminded that after receiving the $100 top-up with the Octopus App, even if you register for the mobile Octopus again, you will not be able to receive the $<> top-up, so new or transfer customers should make a good choice before registering.

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