A huge queue twisted at the Book Fair in front of the National Palace of Culture. People lined up patiently to get an autograph personally from Georgi Gospodinov, who is tonight at the stand of the publisher of Vreme.

The queue is nearly 200 meters and reaches Blvd. "Vitosha". Last week there were queues waiting to buy his book. Now everyone is waiting for an autograph. "I hope this will open doors, Bulgarian writers will believe that this is still possible," he said.

Georgi Gospodinov: The most important thing is that you can talk about big things in a small language

The book fair runs until June 4. On Wednesday, a special guest of the event will be the Bulgarian author Georgi Gospodinov, who won the prestigious Booker Prize.

Throughout the day, young and old book lovers flocked to the National Palace of Culture for the opening of the fair. The publishers were ready to welcome visitors with interesting selections. Among the most sought-after readings turned out to be Georgi Gospodinov's "Time Refuge".