Strong winds observed by rain on the highway have ripped off the roof of the house.

The EPA reports that in 1957, a circuit overseer, Anwar Mohammed's son Mohammedov, was injured.

The victim has been placed in the Reanimation Department of Ucar Central District Hospital.

Additionally, in the village of Kyrgyzstan, a tree was erected on a shop belonging to Assyria Moses. As a result he suffered minor injuries.

Altogether, 12,000 manat were damaged, the victim said.


19:47 p.m.

Strong winds have not passed without damage.

Strong winds observed by rain during the evening hours this evening have overwhelmed several large trunk trees in various regions of the region, according to the EPA's local bureau. Rainwater flooded the courtyard of homes because of the disruption of the sewage system on Azerbaijan's street. Electricity has also been damaged by short-term strong winds. Electricity supplies in the circuit have been temporarily suspended because of breakdowns in wires in several areas.