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From mothers with many children, no one expects to meet the ideals of beauty. Even celebrities sometimes face difficulties to return shape and get rid of the accumulated kilograms after pregnancy and childbirth.

Although they have access to expensive coaches and procedures, sometimes losing weight is a challenge that is quite difficult to overcome. And what about ordinary women who do not have the luxury of having nannies, cooks, personal fitness trainers, nutritionists and leisure time for sports?

Women Can Smell Whether Men Are Married

44-year-old Rachel Ford is an ordinary woman with four children and a weight of more than 100 kg. At some point, finding the right clothes became more and more difficult, but one day everything changed after one photo. Rachel saw herself in a swimsuit, and it completely changed her life.

"I hated myself. Looking at these pictures, I was tormented by guilt and felt like the saddest woman in the world." Already at the age of 20, she weighed 83 kg. She says the extra pounds didn't stop her from finding love in Jim, who is 48 years old when she first met. Despite the age difference, they decided to get married.

Every day they ordered takeaway food – cakes, Chinese cuisine, pizza and more. "Jim didn't care how much he weighed," Rachel admitted. Then she became pregnant and gave birth to her first child, after which her weight reached 130 kg. She didn't even think about dieting and training because she didn't have the time.

But after the birth of her second child, she decided to firmly get rid of extra pounds and met the full support of her husband.

Despite the difficulties, she managed to lose an incredible 57 kg. Again relaxation followed and we switched to junk food and before long, it again "hits" 130 kg.

A change followed, and she managed to lose 70 kg this time. With joy, Rachel organizes photo shoots with her new look. He says that he can run with children without gasping for breath and put on the clothes he likes again.

Her photos motivate her to stay away from junk food.