The Cable Broadband Group today (6 June) terminated the transmission of "cable TV" pay TV signals, extending its broadcasting for 1 years. At 30:5 p.m. yesterday (May 31), the TV station broadcast a thank-you speech on the news channel, and Wang Qiao, the chief news anchor, read out the last news report on the paystation: "The cable news team will continue to provide you with the latest and fastest news and information, thank you for your support of cable", reminding the audience that they can continue to watch cable news through 11 HOY Information Channel, and the broadcast signal will be interrupted.

After the suspension of the paystations, the Group's three free-to-air TV channels will continue to broadcast cable TV programmes, the 24-hour news information of "Signboard" will be broadcast on 78 HOY Information Channel, and entertainment programmes such as variety shows and dramas will also be screened on 76 Hong Kong International Finance Channel and 77 HOY TV.

▼May 5 On the eve of the termination of cable television▼


Cable broadband communications received government approval in February this year to return the local pay-TV service license, and on June 2, the transmission of pay TV signals was terminated, ending 6 years of cable TV broadcasting. Cable TV has more than 1 premium channels, providing high-quality programs such as news, finance, sports, lifestyle and entertainment information.

The Group pointed out that with the changing habits of the new generation of audiences and seizing the opportunities in the local market in recent years, cable TV will continue its brand development and continue to provide free TV services.

▼February 2 Cable Broadband announced the termination of pay TV licenses▼


According to the Group, its three free-to-air TV channels, 76 Hong Kong International Finance Channel, 77 HOY TV, 78 HOY Information Channel, website and mobile app, will continue to provide 24-hour free news information, variety content and dramas. Other businesses of the Group, including broadband communications, telephone services, network construction, mobile communications and other businesses, will continue to operate as usual.

▼October 2022, 10 Cable TV announced the names of 17 free stations and new station emblems▼


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