In Yuen Long last Thursday (25th), a 34-year-old man surnamed Li "Nori" with a background in Tsim Sha Tsui New Ngee On was slashed nearly 20 times, and the police arrested 6 men for two consecutive days, saying that the incident involved a private dispute. It is understood that the six arrested were the gangster Washeng and the "Silly Fortune Line", and the 6-year-old veteran "Silly Fu", his protégé "Tsuen Wan Ze" and a knifeman in the case were all arrested.

The feud between the two sides stemmed from a night club on Mountain and Forest Road in Tsim Sha Tsui in 2020, when two groups of people were suspicious of having fun, and a conflict and brawl broke out due to the incident, and both were arrested, leaving their hearts behind. In the past, personal grievances were difficult to resolve, until last Thursday the two sides attended the Yuen Long Fireworks Festival together, and met at the dinner, suspected that some people's resentment surged in their hearts, and they secretly "blow the chicken" and send a knifeman to ambush them, and after the "seaweed" left the scene, they stepped forward to chase and behead, in order to make trouble. However, the police will decisively enforce the law against illegal and violent acts, and as a result, even the septuagenarian super-elders will be detained and investigated.

The injured lay down in the street. (Profile picture)

Acting Chief Inspector Chan Yang-chuen, Anti-Triad Action Unit of New Territories North Region, explained the case today that at 9pm last Thursday, the subject was slashed by four masked men with knives while passing through Sai Yue Street, Yuen Long, and the murderer then boarded a white private car and fled to Long Tien Road without a trace. Based on informants and in-depth investigations, the Police targeted a number of persons involved in the case and launched arrest operations in various districts of Hong Kong in the past two days (4 and 28), arresting six local men (aged 29 to 6) on suspicion of wounding.

Acting Chief Inspector Chan Yang-chuen, Anti-Triad Action Unit of New Territories North Region, explained the case. (Photo by Chen Xiwen)

Chen Yangquan added that the case is a personal dispute, and the arrest operation continues, and it cannot be ruled out that more people will be arrested. He appealed to the public to contact the Anti-Triad Action Unit of New Territories North Region at 3661 3381 if they had witnessed a case or provided information.

As for the roles of the six suspects in the case, further investigation is still to be carried out, and the details of the dispute, Chan pointed out that the background information involving the victims could not be disclosed. The news pointed out that the two sides had previously argued over trivial matters, and it could not be ruled out that it was retaliation.

Looking through the information, "Nori" is the protégé of the leader of Tsim Sha Tsui, "Fine B" Ai Jiang "Ah Qi", and "Nori" was arrested in connection with smuggling and wounding people. Last year, Sun Ngee On entered the areas of Aberdeen and Tin Wan to compete for the interests of illegal smuggling activities, and fierce clashes broke out with another gang, "Wo Hetu". On September 9 last year, a collision and beheading occurred in the West Ring Road, and Hetu member An B was chased and hit by another private car while driving, lost control and shoveled up the pavement, and was then cut off his feet by two knifemen. After investigation, the Hong Kong Island Regional Anti-Triad Action Unit arrested seven men, reportedly several members of Sun Ngee An in Tsim Sha Tsui, including Nori.


The slashing was filmed by Checam last Thursday and uploaded to the Internet, and the short video showed that the subject was chased by the murderer to No. 18 Sai Yu Street and fell to the ground, and the two passers-by were so frightened that they rushed to hide. Among them, the knifeman in the yellow shirt was the most fierce, wielding at least 10 knives, and three other accomplices also joined one after another, and the subject had no ability to resist, but just sat on the ground and beheaded. The beheading process took about 3 seconds, and the subject was slashed nearly 10 times, and finally the murderer was sent away with injuries and bleeding; There are also videos where the murderer finally boarded a white seven-man car and fled. Another batch of photos circulating on the Internet shows the subject lying on the ground after being beheaded, and nearby diners and neighbors came forward to inspect his condition, and then the ambulance staff took over the first aid.

The subject was injured and fell to the ground, and was treated by the ambulance staff who rushed to receive the report. (Online image)


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