Many women begin to practice different facial treatments regularly as they age to reduce signs of aging.

However, according to the expert, with procedures for rejuvenation it is quite possible to overdo it, manipulations with the face can have the opposite effect, when, instead of rejuvenation, a woman begins to have an older appearance.

Beautician and skin care expert Amish Patel spoke exclusively for about the mistakes women make when choosing a youth preservation strategy.

According to the expert, an expressionless face and pumped cheeks and lips can make you older, and subtle procedures that, for example, restore youthful blush, can erase years.

The effect of a swollen face

The beautician does not recommend getting too carried away with fillers. The swollen face effect, which was trending a few years ago in Hollywood among some celebrities, is a classic example of the abuse of the possibilities of aesthetic cosmetology.

Nowadays, sophisticated aging is in fashion. Therefore, many women opt for anti-aging makeup or yoga for the face as less invasive methods to have a younger appearance.

The expert also recommends, instead of chasing the lost volume, to pay attention to seemingly small, but easily eliminated by modern cosmetics problems, such as small facial wrinkles and age spots.

botox and peeling

When done correctly, procedures such as Botox and chemical facial peels are a great way to look younger.

Botox injections soften dynamic wrinkles on the face, such as forehead wrinkles and crow's feet around the eyes.

For a few more years, you may be rejuvenated by chemical facial peels that fight pigmentation problems and fine wrinkles. Even, without age spots, complexion and gentle blush really rejuvenate much more than "pouty" cheeks.

Professional cosmetics

Another option is to hone your skincare regimen, the expert suggested, investing in the best professional products for long-term benefits.

With age, the renewal of our skin cells begins to slow down and our skin may have a dull appearance and suffer from rashes.

To restore your skin to its former radiance, upgrade your skin care products to professional-grade skincare products that will help solve these problems to rejuvenate, refresh and take care of your skin.

Review your skincare regimen every six months, adapt to seasonal changes (heavier creams in winter and lighter serums in summer), and change it if it doesn't work for you.

Our skin changes with age, so what worked well for you in your 20s won't give your skin what it needs in your 30s.

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