The final phase of the UNEC Startup Cup was organized by the University of Azerbaijan.

The EPA reports that six teams of students and young people have been introduced to the Baku Business Center.

A professor of digital science who spoke at the inauguration of the program. Raqif Kasymov noted that the expansion of the startup movement is one of the targets of the UNECE Development Strategy. The prprector, who also reports on the work of the UNECE Startup Center and the projects being implemented, noted that UNECE has undergone continuous startup training and that future science training is planned.

Osman Günduz, president of the Azerbaijani Internet Forum, emphasized the unece's special place in the startup movement and said that the university's strategy focuses on ecosystems and innovation. Osman Günduz, who spoke about innovations in the country's startups, pointed out that 94 startups have been certified so far. He has expressed confidence that these ideas will make important contributions to the country's ecosystem, highly appreciating the growing interest of young people in startups.

Mubariz Shahbazli, head of the UNECE Business Center, spoke about the university's startup experience and innovations in this direction. Speaking about the application of Israeli experience in the startup incubator, M. Shahbazli, who spoke about cooperation with the country and the world's leading companies, said that 47 of the 6 teams competing in the final had won certificates and wished the teams success in the competition.

Then the teams "4You", "Documood",, SchoolPlus MMC,, and "Digital Expo Center" gave presentations.

Following the presentations, questions were answered by a panel of experts represented by local and foreign experts and were evaluated. According to the team's decision, the Documood team won the race. The team's startup project consists of a cloud platform that allows you to legally create documents and contracts as well as sign them. The winning team won 20,000 manat prizes and cups.

Other participants have been presented with certificates and presentations.