The moon is in Libra, where it will remain until 02:46 on June 1.

People become more peaceful, subconsciously avoid disputes and conflicts, but are prone to indecision, filled with hesitations and doubts. It's not a good time for business. You need to rest more. Do not discuss anyone and do not clarify your relationship. The desire to eat cakes, pastries and all sorts of delicacies increases, so be careful. Alcohol use is contraindicated and be careful with fluids in general.

Vulnerable organs are the kidneys, adrenal glands, spleen, bladder, uterus and ovaries. Surgery is not recommended. People with diabetes and problems with the pancreas should be especially careful.

Lunar calendar: lasts 11 lunar day until 15:51

The day has quite strong energy, so it requires more caution in all actions. Maximum life potential increases. On this day, a person can interact with the forces of nature, if he knows how. Also during this period you can get enlightenment and understanding of the purpose of your life.

Do not risk new projects and avoid important questions. Now only such deeds can be started, which require complete physical and mental dedication. Everything you start now must be brought to completion. It is advisable to abandon operation with large amounts of money, but small financial affairs will have a favorable outcome.

A dangerous day for relationships. Avoid disputes and scandals. It is unclear which action will lead to what. Even an innocent word can cause fits of anger. Reactions are unpredictable. Accept what is happening as an inevitable part of fate without resisting.

The energy of this day predisposes to do good for others. The manifestation of feelings for relatives or friends will help to fix a deteriorated relationship. On the 11th lunar day, it is recommended to make unexpected surprises to your loved ones and take care of them.

Be careful with cutting tools. A fork or knife fallen to the ground at that time foreshadowed imminent danger. A haircut will release excess negative energy.

If a disease occurs on the 11th lunar day, it is a signal that you do not love and do not care enough about your body. Diseases in this period for men are insignificant, and in women can lead to complications. It is useful to take long walks.

Next is the 12th lunar day from 15:51 on May 30 to 16:57 on May 31

The energy of the 12th lunar day predisposes to harmony and the opportunity to be at peace with ourselves.

Accept that everything that happens is for the better. It is conducive to altruism and charity, to help those in need of help.

It is extremely contraindicated to be angry and angry. Do not get into arguments and avoid feeling sorry for yourself, crying and complaining. You can stay in this state for a long time.