A mid-rise unit in the capital of Sunrise Cannes in Tseung Kwan O was suspected of being chiseled through a main wall during renovation under the application of the unsettled application. The Buildings Department issued a restoration order to the owner on Monday (29th), and more workers moved the fixed brackets into the house. "Hong Kong 01" obtained structural drawings of the unit involved and the wall, and proved that the structural wall was chiseled through, with 34 vertical steel bars in the wall, of which seven sets of vertical steel bars needed to be surrounded by secondary steel bars, and according to the information of the Buildings Department, it is estimated that more than <>% of the steel bars were destroyed.
Some structural engineers pointed out that the destruction of the structural wall will reduce the tensile tension of the steel bar and weaken the pressure that the stone feces in the wall can withstand. In addition, some surveyors pointed out that a large area of structural walls have been chiseled through, which has destroyed its vertical support function, and suggested that upstairs units pay attention to whether there are cracks or deformations in the floor slab, terrace edge, ceiling and other positions.

34 vertical bars, each 16 mm thick

According to "Hong Kong 01", the structural drawings of the units involved and the walls were obtained, showing that there were six structural walls with reinforced steel in the units. The wall is suspected to have been chiseled during the renovation, with a thickness of 200 mm, and a cross-sectional view shows 34 vertical steel bars inside the wall. The plan shows in detail the distribution and thickness of 16 mm of reinforcement, and indicates that seven groups of vertical reinforcement need to be surrounded by secondary reinforcement.

According to the Buildings Department, the unit involved removed the structural wall 720 mm wide and 2150 mm high. Comparing the decoration plan and structural plan of the unit involved, it is estimated that about one-third of the steel bars of the structural wall involved were affected. As for the partition walls in the house that are not supported by the main force, they are not shown on the plan.

The owner of the capital unit concerned has arranged for the contractor to install temporary support under the beams of the new door. (Fong Guoshan's Facebook photo)

Structural engineer: or four percent of the main iron destroyed

Structural engineer Ni Xueren described the destruction of the wall as "all sharp". The role of the structural wall is like a column, the vertical steel bar is the "main iron", and the surrounding steel bar is the "auxiliary iron", which is used to withstand pressure and tension, he believes that if part of the structural wall is cut, it will reduce the tension of the steel bar, and it will also weaken the pressure that the stone feces in the wall can withstand, causing the stone poop to burst.

Some workers moved the fixed bracket to the unit involved. (Provided by Zhang Zhidong, former Chairman of Sunrise Kangcheng Capital Industry Committee)

Surveyor: The vertical support function has been broken

Ho Ju Yip, former president of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, said that according to the structural plans, it can be determined that the structural wall involved is not the partition wall. He pointed out that the door opening of the structural wall by the unit involved was at least two meters high, which was "quite a large area", and although it is not known whether the proportion of the wall was chiseled through the wall and whether it was chiseled to the roof, the vertical supporting function of the structural wall had been destroyed: "Whether the structural wall is supporting a certain percentage of the weight of the entire building, or whether it is only supporting the external wall in the vicinity, or the gravity of the edge near the hall and house, depends on the structural data of the building."

Buildings Department officers were present to find out. (Photo by Huang Xuerun)

Upstairs units should pay attention to whether there are cracks in the floors, terraces and beams

Damage to the structural wall of the flats may affect the upstairs units, and Ho Juyi pointed out that the upstairs units should pay attention to whether the buildings are significantly weakened, such as floor slabs, terrace edges, ceiling positions, and whether there are cracks and deformations in the beams: "If there is a greater risk, if not, there is no overload. I believe that risks still exist and need immediate reinforcement, and whether the building will collapse needs to be reassessed."

Mr Ni pointed out that there were no typhoons at present, and the unit had been fitted with temporary scaffolds on Monday, it is estimated that there is no immediate danger to the building in question, but the owner needs to hire authorized and registered personnel to restore the structural wall.

The unit was originally designed as a three-bedroom, and the designer opened the three-bedroom corridor and changed it into a large master suite and cloakroom, and the master door was also relocated, so the designer pierced a wall between the living room and the bedroom and changed it to a door. (Online video screenshot)

The incident arose when a Youtube channel introduced the decoration design of the unit involved, and the designer significantly changed the spacing of the unit and suspected that a structural wall of the unit was chiseled through the door opening of the master room.

The designer of the unit involved was interviewed to tell the design concept in the film after the completion of the renovation. (Screenshot of online clip)

The incident went viral on online discussion boards and social platforms, and the video involved was later taken down, and Ooooo Lab, the interior design company in charge of the unit involved, also closed its social platform page. The reporter called the design company involved, but no one answered, and the phone was turned off.

The Sunrise Cannes Capital Guest Office posted a notice yesterday (27th) reminding residents that if they need to change the indoor wall, they need to apply to the Guest Service Office first, and they should not arbitrarily remove or change the main wall, so as not to affect the structure of the building. (Photo by Huang Xuerun)

The MTR Corporation pointed out on Monday (29th) that the staff of the Capital Guest Service and the staff of the Buildings Department have gone to the unit concerned to conduct a structural safety inspection and found that the unit is involved in violations, and the Buildings Department will follow up in accordance with the Buildings Ordinance, and the owners of the units concerned will arrange to complete the temporary reinforcement works within the day to ensure the structural safety of the building. The Guest Services Department will also cooperate with the relevant owners to carry out the restoration work with a view to completing the relevant works as soon as possible.

It is reported that the owner has a cooperative attitude and has engaged qualified persons to follow up. Under the Buildings Ordinance, the Buildings Department has issued a written order to the owner for the approval of the Buildings Authority for remedial works on the improprieties. It is understood that the Buildings Department initially requested the landlord to deal with the matter within 15 days, and the landlord was cooperative.

A spokesman for the Buildings Department said that the DH was highly concerned about the suspected demolition of part of the structural wall by a unit in the capital of Sunrise in Cannes, and had dispatched officers to inspect the scene on Monday (29 December) and issued a statutory order to the owner of the unit concerned in accordance with the Buildings Ordinance, and launched a full investigation into whether there had been a breach of the Buildings Ordinance, and would take punitive action, including criminal prosecution, against the person concerned depending on the investigation result.

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