A unit in the capital of Sunrise Cannes in Tseung Kwan O was revealed to have been suspected of removing part of the main wall during the renovation and converting it into the door of the master room. The Buildings Department confirmed that the unit had violated the law and requested the owner to make repairs. Sai Kung District Councillor (Environmental Protection North) Fong Kwok-san said today (30 December) that he had entered the unit involved yesterday to inspect and the owner had a good attitude and had installed temporary support commonly known as jacks at the door of the house. Ho Juyi, a spokesman for the Building Surveying Unit of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, said that since the structural wall had been damaged, it was necessary to strengthen the temporary support in time, followed by a complete restoration project, which was estimated to take nearly a month to complete.
Cheung Chi Tung, former chairman of the Sunrise Kangcheng Capital Committee, questioned the safety of the temporary support, and pointed out that the management company had a responsibility to understand the renovation works of the residents, "If there is a problem, the deposit will be refunded?"

The unit was originally designed as a three-bedroom, and the designer opened the three-bedroom corridor and changed it into a large master suite and cloakroom, and the master door was also relocated, so the designer pierced a wall between the living room and the bedroom and changed it to a door. (Online video screenshot)

Mr Fong said on RTHK's programme "The Millennium" that it was unfair to residents that it was unfair to residents that individual owners had made unauthorized changes to the structure of their flats in disregard of the public interest, and suggested that the Government should strengthen education, and suggested that renovation contractors should be required to be carried out by licensed professionals.

Fong Kwok-shan refers to the business owner's "good and happy"

She pointed out that yesterday when she entered the unit involved with the MTR party, the owner had a good attitude of cooperation, "of course they are very happy and know that they have a proper problem", the other party has also installed temporary support commonly known as "jacks" at the door of the house, and the Buildings Department has also gone to the upper and lower floors of the unit to check. She said that as can be seen from the building structure drawing, the building has multi-storey large beams and multiple load-bearing main walls, although it has no impact on the overall structure for the time being, it does not mean that individual owners can make unauthorized changes to the unit structure.

In terms of liability, apart from the owners, design companies and renovation contractors, she believes that MTR, as a management company, can also strengthen its supervision, although it is not allowed to enter the unit during the renovation period, but if there is any doubt, it can inform the Buildings Department for follow-up.

It takes one month for the surveyor to learn the material restoration project

Ho Juyi, a spokesman for the Building Surveying Unit of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, pointed out that the main wall mainly supports the overall weight of the building and also has the ability to block wind. As for how to distinguish between the main wall and the inter-wall, he pointed out that the former is made of reinforced concrete and the wall is thicker, while the latter is mainly made of lighter material or brick, with a thickness of between 80 and 100 mm.

He mentioned that in this incident, the structural wall had been damaged, so it should be temporarily supported, and if it was not dealt with in time, if there were external forces that would cause cracks, a complete restoration project should be carried out after emergency treatment. He added that structural alterations were not unavoidable, but an in-depth assessment of the structure was required in advance to review the reinforcement parts and approval was required from the Buildings Department. He estimated that the entire restoration project would take nearly a month.

Ho believes that Hong Kong has a supervision system and can only change the structure of the flats if an application is required, so the landlord, design company and renovation contractor have the greatest responsibility, and he believes that it is safer to find a renovation contractor with a small works license.

The former chairman of the committee questioned Fong Kwok-shan's representativeness

Zhang Zhidong, former chairman of the Sunrise Kangcheng Capital Industry Committee, questioned on the commercial station program that Fang Guoshan did not have the qualification of certified engineer and doubted the safety of the reinforcement project of the relevant units. He also pointed out in the Hong Kong TV program that he was a consulting engineer and questioned the safety of the temporary reinforcement, "Only two iron links were used to support the building?" He also mentioned that the owner is required to submit the form and deposit when applying for renovation, and the management company has the responsibility to understand the project situation, "click to see if there is a problem and refund the deposit?"

Cheung said that there are more than 2000,300 households in the housing estate, and more than <> households have signed to express safety concerns.

Sunrise Kangcheng Capital suspected of demolishing the main wall Scholars refer to total demolition or collapse: it seems that Zhang Feng has no feet to tear down the main wall of Sunrise Cannes Buildings Department: Subject to investigation or criminal prosecution Lawyer relieves who is responsible for Sunrise Cannes demolition of the main wall Buildings Department: 200mm thick structural wall demolished The owner has been ordered to repair the main wall suspected of demolishing the main wall of the Sunrise Cannes unit MTR: The unit has violations Completed the temporary reinforcement of the main wall of the capital of Kangcheng within a day MTR confirms that violations are involved The owner completed the temporary reinforcement project within the day