'In some places some officials are causing problems for the citizen. After all, not all of these officials are children of faith, but they also have those who make mistakes. We have to deal with officials who have misspelled in a specific form - namely, namely, namely, a last name, a place where he works. Because most officials work conscientiously and do their jobs."

The EPA reports that deputy Rufat Quliyev said this at a meeting of the National Assembly today.

The department has said there is a good trend in the country regarding customs and taxation: "I talk to the owners regularly, I meet. They also say there are positive improvements in customs and taxation. We are collecting foam and foam in the budget. Both the State Customs Committee and the Tax Service have a big role to play here. But there are companies, physical individuals, who use water extremely and don't pay their money. Therefore, my suggestion is that they make their payments in accordance with the tariff, except in all places - parks, car washing facilities, institutions. The more water he uses and the more he has to pay. The problem is for the budget. Because there is a shortage of water, water, and funds from the state budget. But when its budget is full, they will also do their job by implementing their own financial projects. I suggest we also help the newly created State Water Resources Agency to set up water counters everywhere. The previous day, I gave a talk on water at a committee meeting."

Rufat Quliyev also pointed out that for two years, he had applied to relevant authorities for accidents on a magnetic road through the village of Sutomurdov in Lancashire and that on May 2, he had spoken in parliament about the problem: "I also contacted the letter. Three radars were immediately placed on that road after my appointment. So instead of 2 radar, they put a radar in 3 locations to prevent the threat to humans. In that magnetic field, people were disabled and changed their world."