The winners of the Joint Turkish World Olympics, dedicated to the "Heydər Əliyev Year," were awarded.

Before the ceremony, the EPA reported that the Baku City Education Administration (USA) and the participants of the Joint Turkish World Olympics visited the tomb of General Leader Heydər Əliyev and paid tribute to his memory by placing flowers in front of the monument. Visitors also visited the Witnesses ' hometown and the Turkish Witnesses.

The ceremony was attended by Pharaoh Qurbanov, Deputy Minister of Science and Education, Mehriban Veliyeva, President of the Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences (AMEA), national leaders, ambassadors from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, heads of the Relevant Structural Division of the Ministry of Science and Education and the United States, directors of general education institutions, students, teachers, KV representatives, and other guests.

The performance that evening was an adaptation of the science fiction novel The War of the Worlds.

Pharaoh Qurbanov, deputy minister of science and education, congratulated the teams of Turkish countries who attended the Olympics.

Pharaoh Qurbanov highlighted the importance of the 2023 Joint Turkish World Olympics, which was organized by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan to announce the "Heydər Əliyev Year" and the city of Shusha as "the cultural capital of the Turkish world." He said that the entire Turkish world is the principal and only condition for preserving and strengthening the independence of each Turkish state and developing national culture. In a way that reinforces this unity, the Common Turkish World Olympics play a bridge.

Later, the winners and winners of the Olympics, representing Turkish countries, were awarded prizes.

The program ended with a composition based on turkish dances.