Mumbai Police also expressed happiness over CSK's victory in IPL 2023, this message was also expressed in this way.

Are you a fan of IPL team CSK or Mahendra Singh Dhoni? In both cases, the final match of IPL 2023 must have been very special for you. Along with the match, Mahendra Singh Dhoni's team Chennai Super Kings has also achieved that victory. This is the reason that now there is talk of his explosive victory, those who are not fans of CSK are also thrilled to see Mahendra Singh Dhoni's lightning fast stumping and team batting. Mumbai Police has also not been able to escape this craze of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. A tweet by Mumbai Police related to the unmatched captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni on this spectacular victory is making a lot of headlines these days.

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Mahi means heart

In the tweet made by the Mumbai Police, a street light is seen in front. If you look closely, you will know that this street light is hanging from the cable like the cameras hanging on the cricket field, in which the heart is made instead of the red light. Instead of orange light, Mahendra Singh Dhoni's number 7 jersey is made and Mahi is seen batting instead of green line. Along with this, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is also seen in his number seven jersey.

Message from Mumbai Police

Celebrating CSK's spectacular victory in the IPL, Mumbai Police has also given a message related to traffic. Mumbai Police has captioned this tweet, "Stop, think and then move." "Champions always play according to the rules and never miss the signal. Mahi's fans have shared their comments on this tweet by making heart emojis. Along with this, fans are looting their love in the comment box by putting a rut in Mahi Mahi's name.

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