The first round of computer lottery registration began yesterday, and a number of car owners found out "registered" yesterday morning, fearing that they would be impersonated by others. The Transport Department later pointed out that there was an error in the relevant computer program, indicating that it had been repaired.
Legislative Council Panel member Luk Chung-hung said on a radio program on the 7th that contractors need to submit detailed reports to explain, "the first day of the solution will be thrown off, which will affect the confidence of car owners." Lee Yiu-pei, president of the Hong Kong Automobile Association, said that some car owners reported that there was a network congestion in the system on the morning of the first day, and he was worried that if the application process was blocked, including multiple lotteries were unsuccessful, it might affect the owner's intention to apply.

The "Hong Kong Car Northbound" will be officially implemented from 7 July, and approved Hong Kong private cars will now be able to travel between Hong Kong and Guangdong Province via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. (Profile picture)

Luk Chung-hung pointed out in RTHK's "Millennials" that yesterday's registration system was wrong, and he believed that the contractor needed to properly report and explain: "The first day of the point is dumped, which affects the confidence of the car owner."

Propose to extend the date of the lottery and increase the number of signatures

The Transport Department reminds that if the selection is unsuccessful, it is necessary to re-register in the next round of lots. Mr Luk suggested that the Department extend the date of each drawing and increase the number of signatures, "so as not to make car owners hang up." He also hoped that the Transport Department could step up publicity to remind car owners of matters including Mainland regulations, parking and charging precautions, "hoping that the soup can reduce accidents or errors."

The Transport and Logistics Bureau said yesterday that it was still discussing daily travel quotas, which will be announced next month. Luk Songxiong pointed out that car owners expect the more places as possible, so that it is ideal not to declare. He believes that the bottle neck should be configured at the gate, and it is necessary to consider handling the traffic flow at the beginning, and suggested that it can be expanded in the future to include more gates and manpower, "so that when the quota is finally reached, it can travel freely."

▼Application materials for Hong Kong car going north▼

Auto will: Application blocking will affect intention

Motorhouse Chairman Lee Yiu-pei said at the same programme that Hong Kong cars allowed to travel northward in the Greater Bay Area was good news for car owners, with 9,500 private cars successfully registered for the lottery on the first day, showing an enthusiastic response. He said that yesterday morning, some car owners encountered system network congestion when applying, and hoped that the problem would be solved. He also mentioned that if there are many obstacles in the application process, including multiple unsuccessful lotteries, it may affect the owner's intention to apply.

In addition, after successfully winning the lot, applicants must submit their formal applications within 72 hours of the specified date, and he is worried that some car owners who do not hold Mainland driving licenses may not be able to apply in time, reminding them to prepare in advance, "first carry their driver's licenses, then stir the beads, and then stabilize the position."

Applicants are urged to obtain a Mainland driver's license before drawing lots

Lee Yiu-pei pointed out that even though the car is fully powered, the journey to and from the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge has consumed more than half, reminding car owners to pay attention to the location of the nearest fork power station after driving away from the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

Date and details of the computerized drawing (Transport Department website)

Electric vehicle charging adapters should be safe

He also mentioned that Hong Kong's electric vehicles use European standards, and car owners need to buy national standard charging adapters when going north, he reminded them to pay attention to their quality and safety, if the quality is not good, it may not be successful or cause a fire, and should also pay attention to whether it is guaranteed: "Thousands of prayers are good to buy on Taobao", and also remember to take out third-party liability insurance. Li Yiupei also reminded that car owners should open WeChat Pay, and once the license plate cannot be recognized in the mainland parking lot, they can also park through artificial channels.

▼List of steps to submit the official application for Hong Kong Car Northbound▼


Hong Kong car north-bound|7 people compete for 1 application quota Approved in 10 days at the earliest Electric vehicles should be equipped with adapters, Hong Kong cars go north|7 situations are prohibited from applying for one year to life Rental and sale of approved vehicles, park for 2 years, Hong Kong cars go north|The owner fills in the form and draws lots this morning Submit information to find that "registered" complains to the Transport Department about Hong Kong cars going north|Form filling strategy A copy of the identity card of the home return card must be uploaded On the days of going north, you must make an appointment for the Hong Kong car to go north|This morning the lottery opens on the official website, that is, there is a long queue See how to register in three steps