Bengaluru's traffic is so bad, bus driver completed his work by being stuck in traffic

It looks like very soon Bengaluru is going to be known as the city of traffic jams rather than the startup hub of the country. From time to time, people come up with a variety of experiences while waiting in Bengaluru traffic.

Now a video of one such genre has surfaced on the Internet and it has blown people's senses. In the video shared by Sai Chand Byavarapu on Instagram, a bus driver is seen sitting in the front seat and eating his lunch. As soon as the clip ends, the man finishes his lunch while waiting in traffic.

According to the text inside the video, the video was shot in a Silk Board Junction traffic jam.

Watch the video:

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A post shared by Sai Chand Bayyavarapu (@saichandshabarish)

The post has been viewed more than 17.<> million times and received a lot of reactions. People are making various comments about Bengaluru's traffic.

An Instagram user wrote, "This is sad... Due to traffic, the driver does not even have time to sit quietly and eat." There are so many traffic hotspots where I literally stop on the same road for more than 15-20 minutes."

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