Weapons and drugs have been detected during operations in Lancashire.

Samir Aakishiyev, a resident of the Lancashire Regional Fishermen's Village, has been detained as a result of operations by colleagues of the Port Police Department of the Lancashire City Regional Police Department, according to the EPA's southern bureau from the Lancashire Regional Group of the Religious Information Service. During the examination, heroin and methamphetamine were detected from his home, and an AK-74 automatic weapon, 1 rifle, and 10 to 5.45 mm-long [<>.<> mm] of patrons were detected.

The kia Optima-branded car, which is being held by colleagues from the state road police department of the department serving in the Lancashire area, has been provided with adequate medical examinations because of suspicions that the driver of the kia Optima-branded car was under the influence of the drug. According to the examination, 40 grams of heroin and methamphetamine were detected during a review of the drug's drunkenness.

The first investigation determined that he obtained the drug through an Iranian citizen named Saghad, who was investigating the identity of the drug in the baku city of Bina.

The Lancashire SRPSH is investigating the facts.