What things to plan? What clothes and jewelry to wear to be lucky in work and love? Which part of the body to pay special attention to? What number will be lucky? What can not be done categorically? These questions are answered by the horoscope of the day.

The current lunar day has the following characteristics:

Astrological advice of the day: it is necessary to abandon new beginnings, especially of a professional nature

Day symbol: magic bowl.

Element of the day: Tree.

Lucky day number: 3.

Lucky color of the day: the color of the sea wave, blue, turquoise.

Lucky stones of the day: lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl.

For some part of the body is responsible: the cardiovascular system.

Diseases of the day: diseases that began on this day are cured quickly and easily, especially if you consult a doctor in time. It is necessary to avoid psychological stress – it can negatively 4 on well-being and health in general.

Meals of the day: it is advisable to include only light meals in the diet, to refuse meat and heavy foods.

Haircut of the day: you should not get a haircut in the meantime.

Summer works of the day: the day is favorable for any garden and garden work.

Magic and mysticism of the day: rituals can be performed that use the magical and healing power of water.

Dreams of the day: dreams of this night are usually prophetic and come true in a week, so their warning should be heeded.

Taboo of the day: it is dangerous to beat glassware and spill water.

Quote of the day: "Intellectual entertainment is essential to our spiritual health" (Lewis Carroll).

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