Although the Titanic sank in 1912, it still holds secrets that continue to amaze explorers of the largest overseas liner of its time.

The latest discovery, made by the British company Magellan, is a necklace from a tooth of the missing 2 million people ago. years prehistoric shark megalodon.

Video shows sunken 'Titanic' filmed in 1986 at the bottom of the ocean

The news was announced in a statement from the company itself, which said its two mini-submarines had made more than 700,<> submarines for the construction of the company. Footage of the remains of the legendary ship, when the luxury jewel was spotted, world agencies inform.

However, due to an existing agreement between the US and the UK, under which no object from the sunken ship has the right to seize, Magellan cannot gain access and obtain the necklace for more detailed analysis.