The Hospital Liaison Committee of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses reported on a traffic accident in the village of Baharlal.

Ashqin Qasimov, the chief inspector of the Ghana regional group of the Religious Information Service, told the EPA that police colleagues immediately took appropriate action at the scene.

A second study found that in 1970, a humble Fuzhou resident, Namiq Huseynov, lost control of a HOVO truck and crashed into trees in a roadside forest mass. As a result of the incident, in 1970, humble Ilgar Azizov, a humble resident of the Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Mazahir Baxisov, and Ucar, a humble resident of Ucar, were hospitalized with various body injuries in 1970.

Another passenger, Logman Arabov, a humble Galilean resident, died at the scene of his injuries in 1969. Investigations into the facts are ongoing.