Ten days after its premiere in cinemas, "Fast and Furious 10" emerged as the second blockbuster of the year, after at its beginning "Avatar 2" managed to cross the barrier of two million leva revenue in ten days, according to summarized data from cinemas.

The new life elections, which Dominic Toretto is facing, lead to an expected continuation of the series and have already been watched by 150,053 spectators, and ticket revenues are BGN 2,067,029.

"Fast and Furious 10" is the most watched film in cinemas in Bulgaria

In second place is the first premiere of last weekend - the musical "The Little Mermaid". The live-action version of Disney's animation from 1989, based on the fairy tale of Andersen from 1837, has already been watched by 17,536 viewers and has 219,212 leva revenue for the first three days in Bulgaria.

Third place goes to Robert De Niro's comedy "Nightmare Daddy", which premiered last Friday. What happened between son Sebaschen, his fiancée Ellie and would-be father-in-law Salvo during the weekend with the whole family of Ellie was watched by 2,706 viewers and had 36,253 leva revenue.

In fourth place is "Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3", which is already a month in cinemas in Bulgaria. The end of the story of the most beloved gang of losers is followed by 54,225 spectators, with revenues from their tickets being 778,345 leva.

Fifth place among the most watched films is occupied by the thriller "Hypnotic" with Ben Affleck in the title role. The search for the missing daughter of a detective, who finds her traces in a series of bank robberies, has been on the screens in Bulgaria for the third weekend, with viewers so far 14,230 and revenues - BGN 180,686.

In sixth place is the animation "Forest Bears: Return to Earth". The battle of the Pine Tree gang to save Earth from invaders is the second week in cinemas. 5,880 spectators watched it and 60,618 leva revenue from their tickets were reported.

Seventh place is for the third premiere - "Knights of the Zodiac", based on the manga animation of Masami Kurumada. The adventure action about the battle between the Goddess of War and the Knight of the Zodiac has already been watched by 1,121 spectators, and for the three days it has collected BGN 14,962 in revenue.

Eighth position is occupied by the animation "Super Mario Bros.: The Movie" - the third in a row film adaptation of the video game of "Nintendo". What is happening in the Mushroom Kingdom, where the plumber Mario has to save his brother Luigi, has been on the screens for two months now, during which time 123,422 viewers have watched it and reports BGN 1,472,198 in revenue.

"Super Mario Bros: The Movie" is the most watched in cinemas in Bulgaria

Ninth in the top 10 is occupied by the Russian "Cheburashka" - a feature version of the character created by Leonid Schwarzman from the animation "Crocodile Gena" in 1969. How the familiar character manages to fix the relationship between the gardener Gena and his daughter Tanya have already seen 697 spectators, and the revenue from tickets is 8,347 leva.

In tenth place is the comedy "The Adult Book: Chapter Two". The journey of the familiar heroines from the first part to northern Italy for the wedding of one of them has already been followed by 6,040 spectators, and for the three weeks in cinemas the revenues are BGN 73,431.

Last weekend, there were a total of 55,655 spectators in theaters, half of them watching Vin Diesel and company, and one in three watching Ariel and the romantic story with Eric. Last year, 34,037 people watched movies at the same time, with one in three choosing Top Gun: Maverick.


The Most Watched Movies

Fast and Furious