It turns out that most of us, caring for our skin, make gross mistakes every day that lead to acne and premature aging.

What are the most common skincare mistakes we make every day, said skin expert Izi Chen.

Do not wipe your face with a towel

If you don't wash a towel every day, don't wipe its face because it builds up bacteria and germs that can lead to acne.
Instead, you can either let your face air dry or blot it with a disposable tissue.

Apply skin care products in the correct order

Izi Chen stressed that it is very important to apply care products in the right order to maximize their effectiveness. The correct order of application of lotions - from the thinnest to the thickest.

Apply SPF not only once a day

It is not enough to apply SPF only once a day because it needs to be reused every 2-3 hours. There are many sunscreens on the market, it is much easier to reapply sunscreen throughout the day without using your fingers, but simply spraying it on your face.

Apply hyaluronic acid only to moist skin

Many people use hyaluronic acid incorrectly, applying it directly to dry skin. For hyaluronic acid to work properly, it must be applied to wet skin.

Do not climb your fingers into a jar of cream

Many people sin, taking the cream out of the jar with your fingers is the right way to make a jar of cream a store of germs and bacteria living on your fingers. Don't do that.

Most products are sold with a small measuring spoon that needs to be washed and dried regularly after use. You can use a disposable cotton swab instead.

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