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"The Bachelor" is over, the winner is clear - Valeria, but it does not seem at all the most desirable TV bachelor to have made the right choice in her person, as she hoped. Confirmation of this comes with the personal video, which was distributed on social networks from the winner's birthday.

A very ugly scene could not help but impress everyone and provoke a wave of negative comments about the animal defender.

When they served her a cake and she started posing for photos, Evgeni approached her and put his hand on her waist, but what he heard stunned him. Valeria approached him, saying, "Go away!"

Deciding that he had not heard properly, he again made the same act to the birthday girl, who scalded him a second time, and then approached his ear and whispered something, after which he turned away from her and said "ooook" and his face darkened.

As expected, the reactions to the video on the web are more than glaring, and the negative writings about the 25-year-old winner continue to multiply.

"This clip is very clean and you can hear it well: 'They're gone.' Horror, horror." "What kind of nonsense, who is she to behave like this, who is he, to have to endure this, God, Valeria was very embarrassed. I understand that you have been forced to observe some norms after the contract, but when you have an ill-mannered and really super intelligent person like her, you can expect apocalyptic development... a very pathetic picture for him and for her. He stuck it at the bottom," read a small number of comments.

In others, it is said: "How ugly this reaction looks!", "This Valeria is a big simpleton. How you can talk like that, I don't know. Eugene deserved that humiliation."

"Run... Gencho... As long as it's time... But there's probably a part of the contract... And he does it... He'll come to his senses... We'll watch...", "Boy. You deserve a lot of bad talk. And all the money to give for dogs and cats."

Bachelor Evgeni on Valeria: I hope it is her, I have made my choice

"This Valeria becomes disgusted with this behavior of hers she will remain only with the animals to kiss her horror", "That she prays at the end of the video with her hands to whom she prays to the god of dogs... terrible and obnoxious."

"Horrass, that was very ugly... No comment."

"If he falls in love, what can he do? An intelligent boy, but love is blind!", "It really seems that something makes him leave. Why is he acting like that?" he wrote

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