Experts have discovered two endangered whale species in Israel's exclusive economic zone in the Mediterranean, Xinhua said.

The study by Greenpeace, the University of Haifa and a team of Italian scientists was conducted using acoustic-visual observation of marine mammals.

Experts found a group of sperm whales and four representatives of the beaked whale species on Cuvier 15 km off the coast of Haifa. Both species are listed as "vulnerable" on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List.

Different species of dolphins were also found during the study. Greenpeace said there are vast deep plains in the Mediterranean with channels bordering slopes that are a key habitat for marine mammals.

The study's authors warn that new projects to extract natural gas and oil in Israeli waters could seriously harm marine mammals.

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Both types of whales are at particular risk. The scientists also added that an immediate systematic study of marine mammals is essential.

"Both species are adversely affected by the noise produced by human activity. They can also be injured in the event of a spill at sea," the scientists said.

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