Pilot enters plane through cockpit window, photo is now going viral

For some time now, more than one video related to the flight has been coming out on social media, some of which made people laugh by holding their stomachs, while some videos surprised people. In this sequence, sometimes people were seen laughing on the flight, sometimes some people were seen singing songs, attracting the attention of the passengers. At the same time, in some viral videos, people have been caught on camera doing strange acts and punching each other. Recently, once again a viral picture related to the flight is surprising people, in which a pilot is seen crawling through the cockpit window of the plane and entering inside.

See the post here

No joke... Yesterday the last passenger got off plane with no one else on board, he shut the door. Door locked. Pilot having to crawl through cockpit window to open door so we can board. @SouthwestAirpic.twitter.com/oujjcPY67j

β€” Matt Rexroad βœŒπŸΌπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (@MattRexroad) May 25, 2023

Pilot loses sweat due to passenger's mistake

Users are also stunned to see this photo becoming increasingly viral. Let me tell you, this is the scene of San Diego Airport in California, where the crew members and pilots of the Southwest Airlines plane lost sweat due to a passenger's mistake. In fact, the condition of the crew members and pilots of Southwest Airlines in the US worsened when a passenger accidentally closed the door of the aircraft, due to which it was locked inside, after which the pilot had to climb through the cockpit window and enter the plane. It is being told that only pilots are able to open the locked door, who could not board the plane themselves at that time.

The pilot climbed into the cockpit window from outside.

During this time, the picture is now becoming increasingly viral on social media. The viral post on Twitter has been viewed by more than 29,<> people so far, while hundreds of people have liked the post. Sharing the post, the caption reads, 'This is not a joke. Yesterday, one last passenger accidentally locked the door of the plane. There was no one in the plane and the door was locked. In the meantime, the pilot had to go inside through the cockpit window and open the door.

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