Natalia Kobylkina never succeeded in marriage. He will soon be 40 years old and continues to ruin his relationships.

After 11 years with Delcho Dobrev and 9 years with Takis Dretakis, the sexologist is still looking for the blame in men, not looking at herself. What she can see in herself is not pleasant at all and probably scares her, writes

Kobylkina after the second divorce: I do not think I am a woman for one man all my life

The truth is that Natalia is not a housewife, but not only is not, but she is doing extremely poorly in this role, she has never even performed it. The sexologist could not cook at all, and the whole family was constantly on a ready-bought meal. In addition, the Russian woman did not do the laundry, but drove her husband, did not stretch, clean and did absolutely nothing at home.

Kobylkina's justification was that she was a modern woman and interested in how to make money, not to be a maid. Since she earned a lot of fees from her lectures, she even more categorically refused to do anything at home.

And while Delcho didn't see this as a big problem, because then they were both young and life was ahead of them, Takis Drettakis constantly reproached his wife for not being a housewife. The Greek was a traditionalist and believed that a woman was obliged to provide home comfort in the family.

The two have been separated for months and have recently been divorced. Their child lives with Natalia, and Takis has the right to see him whenever he wants.

Natalia Kobylkina