A unit in the capital of Sunrise Cannes in Tseung Kwan O was suspected of removing part of the main wall during the renovation period and rebuilding it into the door of the master house during the renovation period, which caused heated discussions among residents and netizens. At about 27pm today (29th), the Buildings Department, accompanied by staff from the property management company, arrived at the unit involved for investigation. According to on-site information, the owner and designer of the unit involved were also in the house.

Buildings Department officers were present to find out. (Photo by Huang Xuerun)

The reporter of "Hong Kong 01" interviewed the owner of the same room on the upper floor of the suspected unit involved today, he described that the decoration project of the unit involved was carried out for half a year, and it was not completed until May, during which the wall exploded and the wall drilled endlessly, but he did not feel anything unusual at that time, and it was not until the recent media reports that he learned that gallium was suspected to penetrate the main wall. He was shocked and disappointed by the incident, criticizing that "the biggest responsibility lies with the owner, and every designer has any problems, but the reason is that he is not familiar with it, the structural wall system is known and depressed, and you have to apply for changes on a first-come-first-served basis", and was worried about the structural safety of the building, and it is estimated that the property price will be affected in the short term, causing losses to the owners of the "capital".

Sunrise Kangcheng unit suspected of penetrating the main wall The owner of the first floor upstairs reprimanded: the owner designer has problems

Mr. Chen, the owner of the flat-roomed unit on the upper floor of the unit involved in the capital of Sunrise Kangcheng, said that no changes had been made to his unit, and pointed out that the unit involved suspected that it had penetrated the main wall of the living room. (Photo by Huang Xuerun)

The online discussion board went viral on Saturday (27th), a video of a unit in the capital after the renovation of the first phase of the first phase of the capital of the Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes under the MTR Corporation, netizens suspected that the decoration company broke through a main wall and rebuilt it into a master room door. Some netizens are more than the unit decoration completion video and floor plan, the unit usable area of 681 feet, originally a three-room design, the designer opened the three-bedroom corridor together, into a large master suite and cloakroom, and in order to achieve the three-side bed and the bedside table on both sides, to achieve the hotel-style suite feeling that the householder wants, the master door needs to change the position, so the designer penetrates a wall between the living room and the bedroom and changes it to a door. However, netizens suspected that the wall was the main wall, fearing that it would endanger the structural safety of the building, and believed that the Buildings Department should investigate.

The Capital Guest Service issued a notice on Sunday stating that it had received a number of residents who had found some units suspected of making structural changes within the units in the online media, and that the Guest Services Department was now investigating and following up on the incident, and if found to be true, it would request the immediate restoration of the units.

The unit was originally designed as a three-bedroom, and the designer opened the three-bedroom corridor and changed it into a large master suite and cloakroom, and the master door was also relocated, so the designer pierced a wall between the living room and the bedroom and changed it to a door. (Online video screenshot)

By Sunday, the MTR Corporation had also replied that the Capital Guest Services Office had not received any renovation applications from the units concerned to change the structure of the flats. The Guest Services Department has immediately contacted the owners of the units concerned for follow-up with a view to arranging professional engineering staff to visit their flats as soon as possible.

The Buildings Department indicated that it had not received the relevant report before and that it was contacting the Sunrise Cannes Property Management Office to ascertain the address of the unit involved and whether the investigation incident was true, and would continue to follow up and take appropriate enforcement action if any breach of the Buildings Ordinance was found. The DH also pointed out that the works involving the demolition of part of the main wall were not exempt works and were not minor works. Works involving the main wall that are not approved by the Buildings Department will be regarded as illegal construction works.

The Sunrise Cannes Capital Guest Office posted a notice yesterday (27th) reminding residents that if they need to change the indoor wall, they need to apply to the Guest Service Office first, and they should not arbitrarily remove or change the main wall, so as not to affect the structure of the building. (Photo by Huang Xuerun)

After the incident of suspected that the main wall of the Sunrise Cannes unit was exposed, some netizens found that the video of the completion of the decoration had been removed, and the social media page of the decoration company had also been closed.

Some architects pointed out that if the consequences of wrongly demolishing the main wall are quite serious, including affecting the structure of other units upstairs and the safety of others, the relevant decoration and design company should be held responsible, and the units involved should be entrusted to professionals to understand how to repair it, including reconnecting steel bars.

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