Here the groom 'Mian' kept talking on the phone, where the bride pressed the gutkha in a desi style, watch the video

Whether it is the wedding season or not, but more than one funny video related to biah function on the Internet continues to go viral. Sometimes the grand entry of the bride and groom at the wedding party robs the heart, sometimes any other feat related to the wedding makes people laugh and laugh. Recently, a video of one such desi bride is making a splash on social media, in which a bride adorned with a red couple is seen eating gutkha in front of the groom 'Mian' in a big swag. Seeing this video of a gutkha chewing bride, people are forced to laugh by holding their stomachs.

Video of bride chewing gutkha goes viral

This viral video of the desi bride is being told from Baran, Rajasthan, where a mass marriage was organized on May 26, in which 2 thousand 222 couples tied the knot. Meanwhile, many couples celebrating the happiness of their new life were also caught on camera. Recently, a video of one such newly married couple is attracting people's attention these days, in which the groom 'Mian' is seen talking on the phone. At the same time, the bride is seen busy taking out gutkha in her hand and mixing 'Zarda' in it. In the video, the new bride, dressed in a red couple, starts chewing gutkha in front of her husband in a very cool way.

Watch the video here:

is a bride with Bimal gutkha, 😁👇
it will be less expensive, one gutkha will be cooked for 1 hour, so the cycle of feeding food in the hotel is over 😂😂

— Nishant Sharma (@Nishantcsi) May 29, 2023

The name is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

This funny video has been shared on social media platform Twitter, which is being seen and liked a lot. While sharing the video, the caption reads, 'Yes Bimal is a bride with gutkha. The special thing is that the name of this wedding of 1 thousand 26 couples, which was held in Baran, Rajasthan on May 2, is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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