After the completion of the fare adjustment mechanism between the Government and MTR, the "Special Fare Day" (also known as "Thank You Day" by MTR has been introduced, allowing passengers to travel at half price on the same day, replacing the original six-month discount of 97%. Under the mechanism, a half-price day will be introduced for every $2 million penalty for service delay in MTR. MTR replied earlier that if the amount of the reward is less than $500 million, the remaining balance will accumulate and a new half-price day will be arranged for $2 million.
MTR Chairman Au Yeung Pak Kuen said that a total of 500 million people benefited from the past four days of half-price days. Based on the number of beneficiaries and the average fare of MTR, the estimated balance of "Hong Kong 2" is about $500 million, which can be postponed for another day of half-price.
MTR replied that it was verifying the four-day half-price daily payment figure with the Government, and if the amount reached $1 million, it would arrange half-price daily repayment to passengers in due course.

▼April 4 Half price on MTR "Thanksgiving Day" fare on the first day▼


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According to the latest MTR fare adjustment mechanism, MTR still has to allocate funds for fare concessions for incidents where service is delayed by more than 31 minutes or more; However, if the accident occurs during busy hours, the fine will be higher under the new mechanism, with a maximum fine of $4 million per incident, compared to $000 million for the previous year. Under the new mechanism, MTR will be required to provide one day of half-price for every $1 million fine, which is calculated as four days this year.

New penalty arrangement.

In the past four days, 4.124 million people have crossed the border at half price and 1575.<> million people have taken local routes

Looking at the MTR Annual Report 2022, the average fare for local rail services is $8.06 and transit services are $9.55. MTR Chairman Au Yeung Pak Kuen said that a total of 1 million people benefited from the past four days of half-price days. According to the Immigration Department, on 700 and 4 April and 8 and 9 May, a total of 5,13,14 people used the transit line services at Lo Wu Station and Lok Ma Chau Station. At this rate, approximately 1,247,405 persons used the local service.

Passengers receive a total of $6950.<> million for four days

In other words, the original fare income of the four-day MTR reached $1.191 million on the transit route; Other services are approximately $1 million if all based on heavy rail, for a total of about $27 million, and at half price, the amount of feedback is $1.39 million.

The balance is expected to be 3350.<> million, enough to push back half the price of the day

The four-day half-price daily scheduled rebate amount is $1 million, minus the above amount of about $6.950 million, or the balance is $3.050 million. In addition, since the fine in the previous year was $1 million, after the previous four-day half-price day, there was still $03 million unarranged, together with the balance of this time, that is, a total of about $300.3 million, which is enough to push back another day of half-price day compared with the threshold of $350 million.

▼April 4 MTR "Thanksgiving Day" fare half price the next day▼


MTR: Checking with the Government on the half-price daily figure

MTR said that in accordance with the mechanism, it will ensure that the rebate amount is fully rewarded to passengers through the half-price day, and is verifying with the Government the relevant amount figures of the half-price day for the past four days, and if the amount reaches $2 million, it will arrange a half-price day in due course.

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