The Ministry of Culture has published a necrologist in connection with the loyalty of the artist Elhan Gasimov.

According to the EPA from the ministry, the necrologist says:

"The Azerbaijani culture and the film industry have been lost. Elhan Kasymov, a renowned artist and filmmaker, died on May 29, at the age of 78.

Gasimov, the son of Elhan Mohammed, was born in Armenia on April 24, 1945. He studied acting at the Azerbaijani National Institute of Arts (now ADMIU) in the course of the Soviet People's Artist Adil Alexanderov (1962–1966), Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), and filmmaking at the National Theatre, Music, and Cinematography Institute (1973–1978).

Elkanah Kasymov, who became known for his film "Where Is Ahmed" (1963) and who gained popularity as a spectator, has worked in the "Eureka Drama" since 1969. Films that preceded the "Photo-Drama" had used some of these techniques but not all of them in one with a Bible theme. He is also the author of documentary films and films in Mozalan.

In 2000, he was awarded the prestigious artist's prestigious title for his work in the development of Azerbaijani cinema.

Elkanah's beloved memory will live in the hearts of those who knew her, her colleagues, and her filmmakers.

May God grant mercy."