Three people, including two employees of Bethel Company Limited in Mwanza, have been killed after the car they were travelling in, with the number T905 DXR, Subaru Foreseter, was engulfed in flames.

The accident occurred on May 29, 2023 at around noon in the middle of the road, in the Tambukareli neighbourhood of Mwanza-Geita highway opposite the main bus station in Geita.

The driver of the car, Steven Dickson, said the crash caught them on the way from Mwanza to Geita, where suddenly smoke began to rise in the car, and they stopped the vehicle.

"The car was not challenging, the last time we were checked on Kasamwa (Geita) by the road soldiers, we were fine, this is a private office car."

The survivor of the crash, Mercy Kisaka, said after the smoke began to clear they went down and asked for help from nearby people and managed to unload all the luggage, although some documents had been burnt.

Geita Fire and Rescue Officer Peter Nkwambi confirmed the incident was received at 6:15 p.m. and arrived at 6:20 p.m.

"For a week we have found the car is quite bad, it is burning, we have extinguished the fire with a 'form' but after investigating it appears this car had three people." Explained.

He said a preliminary investigation had not yet determined the cause of the crash, with firefighters interviewing survivors to get more information about the accident.