The footballer became interested in performing in reality formats. After his debut in VIP Brother and the recently passed Survivor, he is also ready for "The Bachelor", writes

When asked if he would be in "The Bachelor," Jesus said, "Why not? I would participate, yes. I find it an interesting challenge." "But let's see if there will be candidates – maybe the girls will be scared of me," he said in an interview with Weekend.

Blago Jesus is looking for a woman without corrections

After his participation in "Survivor" Blagoy has lost 14 kg. "That's a lot of it. But now I'm recovering, I already managed to get back 6-7 kg. When I got home, I thought only about eating, normally. I think in a month I will be back in the previous form, "said the footballer. Because of the lack of food on the island, he no longer wants to see coconut even in a photo. "I don't want to see a picture either. I hated the rice too. My mom knows I love stuffed peppers, and she greeted me with peppers with rice, but I made a terrifying face and didn't even look at them. Not! "I won't eat rice for a year!" he said.

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