King Charles II's sister recently opened a new national memorial and Garden of reflections on the Battle of the Atlantic during a visit to Our Lady and St Nicholas Church at Pierce Head in Liverpool.

In public, Princess Anne, 72, appeared in a short blue jacket and a milky white midi skirt with two slits on the sides. Her Highness had a gold brooch pinned on her jacket, a necklace around her neck, and laconic gold earrings in her ears. The princess wore black leather shoes with round noses with low heels.

Her hair was gathered into her favorite classic hairstyle, and there was maroon lipstick on her lips.

Princess Anne / Photo: Getty Images

Recall that during the coronation of the princess's brother with Anna there was a funny embarrassment. A large red feather was attached to Her Highness's hat, covering Prince Harry's face from photographers gathered for the coronation at Westminster Abbey.

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