Hong Kong and China Gas is preparing to extract hydrogen directly from the pipeline network, through the underground pipeline network through the Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, the gas can extract the hydrogen in the gas through the "pressure swing adsorption technology", which can be as high as 99.99%, suitable for supplying hydrogen fuel cell electricity production. Cheng Siu-kwong, General Manager (Commercial and Industrial Affairs and Sales) of the Gas Company, said that he was optimistic about the future development of hydrogen energy in Hong Kong and would announce other specific plans in due course in the second half of the year to promote the early implementation of hydrogen energy technology in Hong Kong.


49% of the artificial gas is hydrogen

In March this year, the inter-departmental working group on hydrogen energy led by the Environment and Ecology Bureau of the Tai Po Gas Company at the Tai Po Gas Plant agreed in principle to conduct the test, and Cheng Xiaoguang said that the current test situation is satisfactory. He pointed out that 3% of the artificial gas produced by the gas company is hydrogen, and the hydrogen supply facility adopts "pressure swing adsorption technology", which can be directly connected to the gas pipeline network to extract hydrogen from the gas, and the purity can be as high as 49.99%, which is suitable for hydrogen fuel cell power production.

As for the non-hydrogen components adsorbed by the system, they can also be re-injected into the pipeline network after treatment, and Chan Kam Tim, General Manager (Gas Generation) of the Gas Company, stressed that other non-hydrogen components will be handled carefully, and there will be no difference between them after being returned to the pipeline network and before hydrogen pumping.


3700,<> km of underground gas pipelines using gas

Chan added that hydrogen supply facilities can use hydrogen energy through underground gas pipelines with a total length of 3,700 km spread across Hong Kong, and hydrogen energy can be used by simply installing hydrogen pumping units at the customer, and the solution does not require pipeline replacement, eliminating the need for large-scale infrastructure construction. At the same time, since it does not involve the use of road transportation to transport hydrogen, the potential risks of road transportation of hydrogen can be avoided, the cost of transportation hydrogen can be saved, and additional carbon emissions can be greatly reduced. Moreover, hydrogen is distributed through underground pipelines with the gas, which is not affected by weather and road traffic conditions, and can be supplied "immediately" without interruption.

Cheng Xiaoguang also mentioned that "green transportation" was mentioned in the new policy address, studying the use of hydrogen energy in large vehicles such as buses, especially hydrogen energy does not emit exhaust gases, only emits water droplets, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also beneficial to public health, and some buses in Beijing Dongao and Shenzhen also use hydrogen energy, which is the future development trend.

He is also optimistic about the development of hydrogen energy in Hong Kong, and although it is still in the experimental stage, he is in talks with the two bus operators to believe that there will be new news soon, which will promote the early implementation of hydrogen energy technology in Hong Kong.

▼On 2022 July 7, Citybus introduced Hong Kong's first double-decker hydrogen bus▼


Hong Kong and Shenzhen universities jointly set up start-up research on solid hydrogen production Target Mass production of hydrogen within two years, which can be used for power generation and even power for electric vehicles Global use gradually expands into new energy darling, Citybus refers to electric buses with less battery life than hydrogen buses Long charging time After the test, the number of Citybus hydrogen buses and hydrogen refueling stations was decided to be introduced, which was "agreed in principle" by the government to start carrying passengers as soon as this year, and Japan will set up the world's first hydrogen power plant Hong Kong can learn from this day to increase the stability of hospital power supply and help reduce emissions