【Consumption Vouchers 2023/Consumption Voucher Enquiry/Eligible Consumption/PayMe/BoC Pay/Octopus/Alipay HK Alipay/WeChat Pay/Tap & Go】The second tranche of the Consumption Voucher of $2,000 will be issued on 7 July, and the Government announced today (16 December) that eligible members of the public can register for "transfer" from 29 to 6 June, and a number of electronic payment platforms will soon announce that they will launch discounts.

Among them, WeChat Pay HK will announce the welcome and extra lucky draw offers as soon as tomorrow (30 November). As for the Octopus, which is the most popular among the public, it was also revealed that various types of coupons, welcome or transfer rewards have been prepared. AlipayHK revealed that it has launched new offers, including multiple surprises for one purchase.

▼May 5 The government announced the second round of consumption voucher arrangements▼


Octopus: Welcome and transfer bonuses, various types of coupons have been prepared

Octopus said that in order to coincide with the distribution of the second phase of consumption vouchers, a series of wonderful offers and rich rewards have been prepared for new and existing users, including welcome and transfer bonuses, as well as various types of coupons, etc., so that users can easily earn more and more. Details will be announced within the day.

▼April 4 Citizens take Octopus cards in the early morning to receive consumption coupons▼


AlipayHK: Launch new consumption voucher rewards

AlipayHK said that it will launch a new consumption voucher reward scheme to get multiple surprises and high rewards on a single purchase, so as to make it more cost-effective. AlipayHK pointed out that users who have registered but do not "transfer" do not need to do anything, and the money will be automatically received on July 7. For "transfer" or newly registered users, the application will be automatically received on the same day.

WeChat Pay HK: Announcement of details including welcome offer and extra raffle

WeChat Pay HK said that it will launch three wonderful rewards, including welcome offer and extra lucky draw, which will not only reward the support of existing users, but also welcome new users to choose from through a series of additional codes. Details will be announced tomorrow.

BoC Pay: continues to offer over 100 merchant vouchers and offers

BoC Pay said that BOCHK continues to provide more than 4 types of merchant gift certificates and offers, and as of the end of April this year, BoC Pay's merchant transaction amount doubled compared with the same period last year, which shows that consumption vouchers effectively stimulate local consumption. BOCHK hopes that the new round of offers and rewards will continue to promote economic recovery, details of which will be announced shortly.

▼April 4 The store "grabbed customers" on the first day of the new consumption coupon distribution▼


Tap & Go: Renewed The Club 5% points rebate

Tap & Go said that since the issuance of consumption vouchers by the government this year, overall consumption has recorded significant growth, especially online shopping platform The Club, which has recorded a month-on-month increase of more than eightfold, so it will continue the current trend and continue to launch a 5% Club points rebate in partnership with The Club, as well as exclusive offers in the Tap & Go zone and other wonderful rewards.

Tap &Go also stated that it will continue to support merchants' digital transformation, including providing FPS 0% transaction fee concessions to SMEs to promote SMEs to implement digital payments.

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