The second tranche of consumption vouchers will be issued as soon as 7 July, and eligible members of the public will receive the remaining $16,2. The Financial Secretary, Paul Chan, held a press conference at 000:29pm today (3 December) to announce the details of the second phase of the Consumption Voucher Scheme, and it is expected that the "transfer" arrangement for receiving payment instruments, as well as the marking date and new application arrangements will be announced. Government Chief Information Officer Wong Chi-kwong and Principal Assistant Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury (Treasury) Chong Kwok will also attend.

▼April 4 The store "grabbed customers" on the first day of the new consumption coupon distribution▼


This year, the Government continued to distribute consumption vouchers to eligible members of the Hong Kong public and new arrivals, but the amount was halved to $5,000, with the initial tranche of $3,000 distributed on 4 April. The second instalment of $16,2 will be disbursed on 000 July. For those who come to Hong Kong for residence or further study under different immigration schemes, half of the amount will be paid in two instalments, i.e. $7,16.

The remaining $2000 consumption voucher can be converted into payment instruments

When Chan announced this year's consumption voucher scheme in March, he said that the first stage would use the six payment instruments distributed in August last year, and no transfer would be allowed, and the consumption vouchers would be directly deposited into the original accounts, including Alipay Hong Kong, BoC Pay, PayMe from HSBC, Tap & Go, WeChat Pay HK account and Octopus. At that time, he predicted that when the second phase of consumption coupons was to be distributed, the public could switch platforms.

▼April 4 The store "grabbed customers" on the first day of the new consumption coupon distribution▼


▼April 4 Citizens take Octopus cards in the early morning to receive consumption coupons▼


▼February 2 Chen Maobo attended the budget press conference▼


How much is the consumption voucher 2023 amount?

The Budget announced that a total of $5,000 of electronic consumption vouchers will be distributed in two instalments, the first on 4 April and the second on 16 July.

What platform is available for consumption vouchers 2023?

The Government will announce on 3 March the relevant tools to refer to the 10 Consumption Voucher Scheme, and eligible persons can choose to receive consumption vouchers through Alipay Hong Kong, BoC Pay, Octopus, HSBC's Payme, Tap & Go or WeChat Pay HK

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