The Government announced today (29 July) that the second round of $7,16 of consumption vouchers will be issued on 2 July this year, and those who have left Hong Kong permanently will not be issued. The Government revealed that last year, 000,24 registered persons were classified as ineligible for early departure from Hong Kong because they had received their MPF early, but 17,7 of them were successfully re-examined, indicating that they were actually in Hong Kong and were issued consumption vouchers, i.e. <>,<> were not eligible for DQ.

"New Eligible Persons", i.e. Hong Kong permanent residents, new arrivals, etc. aged 18 or above today, are required to register between 6 and 5 June and will receive a total of $27,7 in two instalments on 16 July and 10 October. Among the first round of consumption fee applicants this year, 16,5 were newly arrived legal residence or study registrants (excluding one-way permits) and were issued half consumption vouchers, i.e. $000,10.

▼May 5 The government announced the second round of consumption voucher arrangements▼


Employees currently under the age of 65 who wish to receive MPF early are required to prove that they will leave Hong Kong permanently. Before the issuance of the first round of consumption vouchers, the Government sent SMS messages to 24,17 registrants who received MPF early, saying that they were not eligible to leave Hong Kong, and after the re-examination, 7,<> people successfully re-tested proved that they were still living in Hong Kong, so the consumption vouchers were issued, i.e. <>,<> people were not eligible to be "DQ".

As for the 6,2 people who have withdrawn MPF early since June last year, it is necessary to check whether there are registration coupons and then trace whether they are "permanent departures".

Registration procedures for new eligible persons within 6.5 to 6.27

The Government will issue consumption vouchers on 7 July this year, and Hong Kong permanent residents and visitors with one-way permits will receive $16,2 consumption vouchers. If they reside in Hong Kong and come to Hong Kong for further study through various immigration schemes, they will be paid $000,1.

▼April 4 Citizens take Octopus cards in the early morning to receive consumption coupons▼


New Eligible Persons receive money in two instalments of 7.16 and 10.16

Newly eligible persons are required to register from 6 to 5 June and can be handled by staff on the official website of the Consumption Vouchers or at the Nine Temporary Service Centres.

The Government will use 5 May as the boundary to determine that newly eligible persons, i.e. those who have just reached the age of 29 today or before, will receive payment in two instalments, the first on 18 July and the second on 7 October, totalling $16,10; For those who are through different immigration schemes, they will receive $16,5 and $000,1 in two instalments, which are valid until 500 February next year.

The Government also pointed out that with reference to last year's figures, 10,1 people who arrived to Hong Kong through different immigration schemes will receive half of the consumption vouchers, i.e. $500,<>, with reference to last year's figures.

The Government will also determine whether the "permanent departure" is absent from Hong Kong for the past 36 months, applied for MPF before the age of 65 on the grounds of permanent departure, whether the identity card holder was issued locally, and other information indicates that they will not return to Hong Kong in the future.

▼April 4 The store "grabbed customers" on the first day of the new consumption coupon distribution▼


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